Redemption Plus Launches 4-Part
Rebuilding Redemption Campaign

Redemption Plus created a 4-part plan to assist bowling and family entertainment centers from now and into the start of 2021. The plan, titled Rebuilding Redemption, consists of both prize and customer support solutions to give businesses valuable tools to promote performance recovery. Elements of the campaign are as followed:

Continuation of helping customers create profitable redemption spaces
Redemption Plus will continue to offer our award-winning service packages, custom design, merchandising assistance, and unmatched customer support. Helping family and bowling entertainment centers run profitable redemption programs is at the core of our business and is more important than ever in a post-pandemic environment.

As part of the Rebuilding Redemption campaign, we built a Reopening Toolkit that includes cleanliness tips, marketing suggestions and other problem-solving techniques to help family and bowling entertainment centers restart their redemption programs. We also continue to evaluate our product line through item performance and customer feedback to match post-COVID trends.

New Prizes and Themes
The last six months granted us time to understand where we can expand our product line. Redemption Plus customers will enjoy shopping through 200+ new items arriving now through the end of the year. These items are part of both new and existing prize themes for the Redemption Plus line.

This is the first major line expansion for Redemption Plus in a few years. After focusing on how to keep high-moving import items in-stock and always available over the last three years, we are now able to expand to the same philosophy for domestic and licensed items. This allows us to be a more cohesive prize solution for our customers’ redemption needs.

Expanded Storyboards Offerings
Our product team organized these new products into 10+ new Storyboards offerings, including themes such as Rock Band, Under the Sea and Fashionista. We also updated our existing Storyboards with new and refreshed prizes as well. Customers can shop all Storyboards offerings by visiting:

As many centers have experienced turnover and consolidated operations, Storyboards are a way to easily update redemption displays with limited previous knowledge of how to do so.

With many businesses still working through spring break inventory, this will give new and updated options for the end-user going into the holiday season and next year.

These efforts come to a culmination of a 10% off promotion for Redemption Plus customers throughout the rest of 2020. Customers can redeem 10% off their purchases by using code REDEMPTIONRELIEF at checkout. With many businesses operating on limited budgets, our pricing discount will allow centers to update their redemption prizes at a lower cost overall cost.

As the economy continues to recover from nationwide shutdowns, families are reevaluating how they spend their discretionary income. Through our temporary empathetic pricing model, family entertainment centers will be able to promote a “spend less, win more” approach to arcade game and redemption programs. Passing on the savings to the end-user will allow for a higher return on investment in the game room and promoting a positive guest experience.

About Redemption Plus
Redemption Plus For the past 24 years, Redemption Plus has been helping customers grow game room revenues with redemption, crane, and merchandiser prizes. In addition to data-driven prize curation, we also provide valuable redemption management training and technology solutions to empower employees and help businesses waste less time and resources on mismanaged inventory. For more information on Redemption Plus, please visit or call 888.564.7587.