Redemption Plus Partners with RINCO
A letter from COO Mike Tipton 

We are facing unprecedented times as an industry and as a business due to the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. As a result of a months-long resource and financial strain, Redemption Plus has decided to partner with Rhode Island Novelty Co (RINCO) to offload fulfillment and logistical operations.
This new agreement will help us continue to serve you with the highest level of service as the industry begins to open back up.
For years, we have focused on helping you run your redemption and game room ecosystem in an efficient manner. We continue to back this philosophy by making internal operations efficient as well, especially as stay-at-home mandates and economic challenges continue to change the industry at an ever-increasing rate.
The decision to move fulfillment and logistical operations to Rhode Island Novelty Co was based on its state-of-the-art fulfillment center, warehouse technology and synergies between our two companies. RINCO is bringing on our fulfillment as it has done for other companies in the past.
We will continue to serve you through exceptional service and product selection. With a renewed vision for what the industry might look like over the next 6 months, year, or even 5 years, we plan to help the industry reimagine the profit potential of redemption programs.

You may be concerned about changes that might be coming your way because of this change. I want to reiterate that our commitment to helping your business be the best it can be will remain unchanged. In addition, the following aspects will remain the same:

+ Your account manager
+ Your shipping terms and service level
+ Your pricing and subsequent agreements
+ Our return policy

+ Our product quality and buying strategy
+ Our Storyboard program
+ Our commitment to training and education
+ Our partnership with the BPAA

Details about outbound shipping, billing and other logistical measures will be communicated to you as they are finalized. Please make sure your account contact information is up-to-date.
Finally, I would like to attribute navigating this challenging season to the guidance our Chief Enrichment Officer (CEO), Ron Hill. Throughout the last 24 years, he has led Redemption Plus to become a premier redemption vendor in the industry.

As you may know, Ron transferred the operations portion of his role to myself and Christina Long last summer. We share the Chief Operations role, but Ron's mentorship has remained steadfast throughout the last 12 months. He will be relinquishing his involvement with Redemption Plus as a result of this partnership with RINCO. However, he will be available as our two companies maneuver through this transition.

Thank you for your time, your loyalty and your understanding as we move into this new chapter.


Mike Tipton
Chief Operations Growth Officer