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What is Rapid Reorder and how is it useful for you?

Rapid Reorder is a software solution that pulls items that have been scanned out past their par levels into a shopping cart. It removes the step of searching for the products that you need to re-order and simply places them in your cart. This allows you, the Customer, to ultimately make the calls and click the buy button.

This solution has been fully vetted with EMBED and Intercard systems. The variances we have found in making them work for our customers are typically small but require your card reader provider to work with us and you in setting up Rapid Reorder and testing it to ensure accuracy.

It's as simple as:

    Log in

    Adjust your quantities




That's it!

Get more time back in your day by letting our software do the tedious work for you. No more manual spreadsheets, or automated shipments of items you didn't need.

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